Save Our Tigers

Published February 25, 2010 by Deepak jha

India is not just a country, but it is also a land of diverse traditions and cultures. Besides, it is also a home to millions of animals, the number which is, however, declining at a very rapid pace. Tiger, inspite of being our National animal, is becoming a victim of human cruelty and greed. Not surprisingly, the number of Tigers in India today is only 1,411 as compared to 40,000 in 1988 due to extensive hunting and poaching.
The decline is said to be largely because of poachers serving an insatiable demand for tiger bones, claws and skin in China, Taiwan and Korea, where they are used in traditional medicine. Other factors include electric fences erected by farmers, illegal logging and fights between male tigers over diminishing territory.

It was said that the villager who led the poachers to the tigers was paid £100 for his services – a sum it is hard to resist in what is one of the poorest parts of rural India.

So, it is high-time that we wake up! India’s forest minister must take right steps towards protecting Tigers and overcoming this situation as soon as possible.